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Prose writer. Editor. Book reviewer.


Selected Fiction

“Sting Harsh and Hot”Columbia Journal Online

“Ursa Major” – 1st Place Winner of The Molotov Cocktail‘s 2018 Flash Monster Contest

“Burst” – The Boiler

“Falling Out the Other Side” – The Tishman Review

“Everything is Ours” (print) – West Trade Review

“Have a Lovely Day” – Hypertext Magazine

“And The Heavenly Bodies Will Be Shaken” – Cease, Cows

“Underwater” – Pithead Chapel

“Noctilionidae”Burnt Pine Magazine, nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize

“And None Shall Bury Her” – Change Seven Magazine

Selected Nonfiction

“How to Look Down at Your Body and Accept it is Not Yours” – Crab Fat Magazine

“How Men Police Women’s Anger in Writing Workshops”BitchMedia

“‘Jaws’ is a Film Full of Queer Intimacy You Never Noticed” – Electric LIterature

“You Like That, Baby?: The Myth of Feminine MysteryThe Rumpus

“Eggs, and Other Terrors” (print) – Stoneboat Literary Journal

“Food, My Body” – Glassworks Magazine, longlisted for the Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction

“I Love You, Don’t Touch Me” – Nude Bruce Review

Humor / Satire

“A White Male Author Emails a Woman About Her Bad Review of His Book” – FIVE:2:ONE, #thesideshow

“Project MFA”FIVE:2:ONE, #thesideshow

“5 Easy Tips for Planning a Totally Kick-Ass Feminist Wedding” – The Belladonna

“4 Glowing Reviews of My Grad School Basement Apartment” – Points in Case

Selected Reviews

Darkness & Light: On Lee Martin’s ‘The Mutual UFO Network’The Coil

Lyrical Flash: On Dana Diehl’s ‘Our Dreams Might Align’ – The Coil

Speculative Feminism: On Carmen Maria Machado’s ‘Her Body and Other Parties’ – The Coil

Boundaries of Desire: On Elle Nash’s ‘Animals Eat Each Other’ – The Coil

On Rion Amilcar Scott’s ‘Insurrections’ – The Coil

On Melissa Febos’ ‘Abandon Me’ – The Coil

On Jim O’Loughlin’s ‘Dean Dean Dean Dean’The Coil

On Kristen N. Arnett’s ‘Felt in the Jaw’ – The Coil


“A Thousand New Forms” – blog post for Change Seven Magazine

Work Forthcoming In

Seneca Review

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